Mix 30  02/04/21 10:09:37 AM


Beef Cattle

MIX 30 can be fed free-choice or mixed in a grain ration. The high energy of MIX 30 keeps cows in optimum condition and increases calf weight gain, especially as forage quality decreases. MIX 30 is low in starch and sugar making it an excellent addition to any forage-based diet. Unlike other liquid feeds that contain high levels of urea, MIX 30 is safe to feed in open top tubs or tanks without fear of digestive upset. In addition, the fat in MIX 30 provides a concentrated source of linoleic fatty acid, an important nutrient in beef cow nutrition. Producers feeding MIX 30 can expect intakes of 1 to 4 pounds/head/day depending on body condition and forage conditions.

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